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Kappabashi Knife Gallery | TOKYO

Only customers who have purchased limited edition items at the gallery are eligible for our online store membership.We look forward to seeing you at our gallery in Kappabashi, Tokyo.

Knife Gallery

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"We hope more people will experience the allure of knives."

Our establishment was carefully curated by the owner with a profound love for knives. Located in Kappabashi, Tokyo, one of Japan's most renowned culinary tool districts where nearly 20 specialized knife stores stand side by side, our store uniquely resides on the second floor, offering a tranquil retreat away from the bustling street below. We believe this peaceful setting provides the perfect ambiance for our customers to truly appreciate the beauty of our knives and the deep sentiments of the craftsmen behind them. We invite you to immerse yourself in the essence of knives in this special space.



No other knife store in Kappabashi offers customization services, so we believe this is the most appropriate place for those who want to purchase unique knives and handles.

You choose your favorite handle and we do the installation and final sharpening.

We will be designing new handles little by little in the future, so please look forward to them. Also planning to gradually add more color variations of sheaths to match our knives.

You will surely find your favorite one here.

Registered Design

The cherry blossom design is officially registered with the Japan Patent Office. This recognition by the Japanese government acknowledges the design's originality and novelty, enabling us to prevent the distribution of counterfeit products.

As a result, our products are completely original and cannot be purchased at any other store.

We strive to achieve our philosophy of "the fusion of functionality and art," and we continually put in efforts every day to create unique and innovative designs.

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Check the limited knives

Let's get knives for a lifetime journey with you.

We see our knives as more than just tools. We envision them as integral parts of our customers' lives, aging alongside them and sharing countless memories. With this philosophy in mind, we deliver each knife to our customers with meticulous care.

While numerous stores merely brand mass-produced items and sell them, our dedication lies in designing, crafting, and selling our own unique products. What sets us apart is our commitment to offering entirely original items, which are unavailable anywhere else. Before finalizing our products, we go through multiple prototype iterations. Typically, this rigorous process takes a minimum of a year before the products reach the market.

Our paramount objective is to forge strong bonds of trust with artisans who share our passion for quality craftsmanship. We strive to present our customers with products they will cherish, and we continually push our boundaries, embracing new challenges and innovations.

Tokyo's Rising Star

The Female Sushi Chef Everyone's talking about


The renowned sushi restaurant Sushi Murayama in Tokyo's Ginza district opened a new store in July this year. The main store, led by Mr. Murayama, has earned a Michelin star and is so popular that reservations are booked up to a year in advance. The new store is headed by Ms. Onshouki, a female sushi chef who was the second in command at the main store. It's unprecedented for a woman, especially one from overseas, to serve as the head chef of a top-tier establishment in Ginza, an industry predominantly dominated by men. The level of recognition she has achieved could not have been possible without extraordinary effort. She has already garnered high praise from many customers and can be considered one of the most notable artisans in Tokyo today.
The restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere that is loved by regular customers, so why don't you come and visit?